Saturday, November 29, 2014

(THROW Back) Yoona talk to Member 2011

"Taeyeon Unnie. What I recently feel from you is that you have changed so much compared to the past. I don't know how to put into words but it feels like your heart opened up. I like it a lot. We always stay home together and we watch TV together. We should try to find something fun to do outside *laughs*" 

"Jessica Unnie, You took good care of me since I was a trainee. You're really caring. I think it's because I resemble Krystal that it was easier for you to be nice to me. And I also think of Krystal as my dongsaeng too. People think you're cold and chic but when we're together, you act like a freak and crack jokes a lot. I think we(snsd) changed you and made you be crazy so I'm sorry *laughs* but I like this side of you a lot. I hope you continue to care for the members like you do"

"Sunny Unnie, I think we're alike in many ways. When we like something, we're not the type to let go of it easily. but we're more commanding. So we have out tomboy sides but you're very organized and very smart. You're the brain of Girls Generation. You're winsome. You show a lot of your strong side to the members *laughs* but you use a lot of pretty words too. I'm sure you must have had your hard times, I hope you would share that with us."

"Tiffany Unnie, I feel we've gotten closer since I started to go to church with you. I learned how much you mean to me. You're always bright but at times, you turn very mature. You always amaze me by that. I think you're always very pretty. Whenever there was bad rumors, we would become even more closer. I think we, now, can talk with our hearts open. You're the kind of Unnie that I can talk to when I'm having a hard time, You're the best!"
"Hyoyeon Unnie, we used to go eat together a lot but we haven't had a chance lately. You're obssesed with going home lately so you're never at the dorms. because we got to japan a lot these days, you focous on going to your family. That's a good thing of course. we used to go out together a lot and make the other members jealous but Unnie, you are very comfortable. You will make a really good wife. and you're very organized. You're the clown of the group and SNSD can't be the same without you. I think I'm beginning to take after your comic side *laugh* I like you're joking style so I'm always really happy to be with you. I hope you will contunue to be the energizer of our group"

"Yuri Unnie. You're my roomate, right now and we had a long conversation last night. You think of me a lot. I don't take care of my eating habits so you always give me vitamins and tell me what to eat. Unnie you're so caring. We talk about so many things with each other. Same with Tiffany, I can't hide anything from you. You see right through me. Last night was really really fun, *laughs* . With our most necessities: the dim light and music. I really like talking to you about deep things. We' talk a lot more if you didn't sleep so early . Let's find a new fun topic to discuss!"

"Sooyoung Unnie, You're the one I always feel bad towards to the most. because you are so rightous in many ways. I've blown up our dates and promises many times. I'm so sorry. I learned a lot by going to church with you. And I feel like I should learn more from you because you seem very strong (mentaly) So when our members are in a complication, you're so quick to resolve the situation. So, Unnie, we really need you to always be with us. I'm only 3 months younger than you so I'm used to talking to you . Even though you tell me to talk down to you, it's really hard. We've been good friends neverthless. I'm sorry I can't call you by your first name. Please continue to tell us good things, When we go to japan again, you should be our little teacher so study hard. so you can be SNSD's image in Japan."

"Seohyun-ah, you have your own world. A world to which people couldn't get used to. but I think you know now that you had your own little world. It's not that it's bad. It's just seemed like you were exceptionally a goody-goody which we all thought was very unique. It's definetly a good thing. but the fact that you're slowly getting out of that world and started to tell us your feelings more is also good. All the other girls are always fooling around. *laughs* I think you are stronger than me, You have clear opinions, and you have more courage than me. You're the maknae, but you have the charisma to be a leader. I'm sure there are hardships of being the maknae of the group, but I'm glad you're hanging on there. Fighting!"

huft throw back to this just make me feel hmm teary ,, please even now you're not together with sicca unnie but keep soshi bond key~~ sorce : to yoona forum @soompi

Monday, November 10, 2014

Kenneth is growing :)

woww,, it's really a long time since i update in here :)
coz now i'm in the stage of *studying student dying hahah XD

and to make my day colorful and not dull i will share a photo of 
"Kenneth Nicole Brodsky"
hahh this girl really know how to be beautifull right? 
yuhuuu i love pretty and cute girl ;P
wow kenneth just so cute and adorable that i really want to take one home ;)

her long hair is really ... how can a little girl can manage it ^^

source of photo is from internet researh ahem aka Google ^^

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yoona @incheon (departure to shanghai)

unnieee look so happy :)

yoonsic jjang <3

unniee your leg so small ^^

hahha what happen with fany kkk~

love this pic kkk~ they look so happyy

omonaaa yoona unnie so cuteee

yoona neumoo yeppooo...

CR as tagged :) thankyuuu so much..

Yoona with Prime Minister and I @Happy Together

unnieee :* what so funny? kkk~

Yoona Drama "Prime Minister and I"

cant wait it :) please do watch this drama guys... 9 desember ehem.. hehe

Yoona Sone Note Picture

deer yoong <3 unniee you look so sweet :)